Let's Keep Our Veterans Flying!

Honor Flight Buffalo

P. O. Box 338, Buffalo, NY 14223 (716)254-4376

a Federal 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Charity Organization


Our sincere thank you to the families of our Veterans for

designating  Honor Flight Buffalo to receive memorial gifts
in memory of their loved one.

Click on Veterans Name for Direct Link to the
National World War II Registry


Donations in Memory of:

Mr. Frank Athans - World War II Veteran, U.S. Army - January 3, 2015
Mr. Athans was a participant on Honor Flight Buffalo's May 3, 2014 Flight
Bob, Linda Kay, Rachael and Jake Pollinger
Donald and Carol Conklin                                          Charlene A. Griffin
Greg, Carol, Christopher and Emily Streczywilk         Doug and Cheri Cook
Kathleen A. Dayka                                                  Irene Isch
Anne Marie and Brian Quinn                                    Camille Bartus
William and Nancy Burke                                        Gary and Susan Eye
Kathleen M. Clerkin                                                David and Susan Walters
Sharon Nisengard                                                  Nelson and Ann Sheehan
Richard and Nancy Lee                                           Richard and Darlene Benzin
William and J.M. Liebner                                         Sandra A. Bartus
Aunt Pat Athans                                                     The Bunco Babes
John N. Athans, Jr.
Mercy Hospital of Buffalo Labor and Delivery Sunshine Club                                                     
Mr. John Oppitz - World War II Veteran, U.S. Army - January 1, 2015
Mr. Oppitz was a participant on Honor Flight Buffalo's November 5, 2011 Flight
Ed and Katie Steele                    Melanie and John Loss
Sandra J. Granieri                      Theresa and Christopher Tirabassi
The Charles Price Family             Paul and Margaret Price
Thomas and Barbara Greene       Muriel Kam
Vicki and Ernie Delisanti              David and Kathleen Delisanti
Stephen and Sonia Delisanti        Michael and Erin Delisanti
Kristen and Peter Johnson           Nancy Scholl
Robert and Bonny Sunheimer      Mary and Jay Louden

In memory of Walter G. Peasley


John and Roberta Phillips                     Mary Brisky

Albert Hamed Family

Olean Wholesale Grocery Co-Op, Inc.

Mr. Victor Sieracki, World War II Veteran, U.S. Army - February 4, 2015

Mr. Sieracki was a participant on Honor Flight Buffalo's October 19, 2014 flight


Dennis and Jane Stange                           Utica National Insurance Group
Ronald J. Winter                                      Rose E. Sieracki

Mr. Caesar Capone, World War II Veteran, U.S. Army

Mr. Capone was a participant on our May 5, 2012 flight

Ashley Murray                             Mr. and Mrs. Richard Englebrecht
Mr. Serge Charbonneau               Linda L. Mangus
John and Antoinette Desantis

Mr. Lawrence Hoffman, World War II Veteran, U.S. Navy

Mr. Hoffman was a participant on our June 7, 2014 flight


Nancy and Brian Park                 Sam and Cathie Camill
Patricia A. Babcock                     Peter and Elizabeth Vito