Let's Keep Our Veterans Flying!

Honor Flight Buffalo

P. O. Box 338, Buffalo, NY 14223 (716)254-4376

a Federal 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Charity Organization


Our sincere thank you to the families of our Veterans for designating

Honor Flight Buffalo to receive memorial gifts in memory of their loved one.
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Donations in Memory of:


Edward Petrocy, U.S. Navy World War II Veteran

September 3, 2013

Honor Flight Buffalo participant October 13, 2012


Denise Pajak                                    James and Deborah Robinson

Bruce and Pamela Smith                 Lindsay Petrocy

Gary and Jacqueline Gawron           Gloria V. Keller
Dawne M. DelCoro                            Lisa and Michael Huber
Mark Shebetich                                 Joseph Hughes
Tracy Petrocy                                    Raymond and Deborah Kampff
Patricia Grabianowski                      May C. Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Keller               Beverly Thompson
Joanne Mekarski                               Janice Felckowski
Carol Ann Lesniowski

Urban Englert, U.S. Army Air Force World War II Veteran

September 9, 2013

Honor Flight Buffalo participant October 13, 2012


Douglas Walker                                         Denise and Glenn Kraft

Kim and John Fassel                                 William and Loraine Galley
James F. Galley Family                             Florence Galley
Timothy J. Galley Family                          Deborah Galley
Nicholas and Natalie Economou              Michael and Teresa Allan
Patricia and Roy Jordan                           Carol A. Witnauer
Michael and Eileen Naab                          Bruce Woody Family
Bob Karas                                                   Clarence Highway Department
Paul and Beth Ciecelowski                       Thomas and Bernadette Alexander
Irene M. Killion                                          Sam and Carolyn Storey
Roberta Bolton                                          The Cassell Family
Hope and Don Cranston                            Kevin and Laurie Koerner
Clarence Middle School Faculty & Staff   Anthony and Suzanne Breckner
Michael and Cherl Keller                            Richard and Patricia Boundy
Lee and Kathryn Ehmke                             Bob and Joyce Skora
Troy and Stacey Yarborough             Nate and Kimberly Normand
Paul M. Bliss
In memory of Mr. Englert on the one year anniversary of his passing by Nancy Brissette

Albert Sambuchi, U.S. Army World War II Veteran

October 23,2013

Honor Flight Buffalo participant May 21, 2011


In honor and in memory of Dad ~ Lynn and Dennis Clark

Donald and Rosalie Grosso              Jennie Falsioni
Gregory and Sandra Falsioni           Joseph and Phyllis Colafranceschi
Dawn and David Nelson                   Norman and Dolores Sambuchi
Dean and Barbara Crawford            Mary Ann Delmonte
Ruth Skolarczyk                               David ad Anne Reukauf
Rene and Joseph Reuther                Dick Curran
Carlo Dipasqua                                 Gerald Grosso
Cecelia and Leonard Johnson II      Adele A. Battaglia
Kim Wieder and Mike Osmak           Janet Smolinski and Family
Karen and Paul Lake and Family      Kenneth and Cindi Reuther and Family
Raymond Reuther                             Gerald and Paula McMullen
Richard J. Sambuchi                          Gina Mecca and Rob Saunders

In memory of Howard E. Strauss - November 13, 2013

Navy, World War II Veteran

Honor Flight Buffalo participant, June 5, 2010 - Inaugural Flight

and his wife, Harriet J. (Doig) Strauss - November 4, 2013
Margaret E. Bacon                                    Frank and Rosemarie Notaro
Cynthia and Edward Fisher                      Betty M. Bowling
Eleanor T. Murray                                     Donald and Gail Smith
Beatrice E. Doig                                        Dr. Linda P. King
Irma M. Anderson                                     Jonathan Olsen
Charles (Howie) & Bernice Fogel             Ling Ge


Franklin West, U.S. Army, World War II Veteran, Purple Heart Recipent

January 6, 1925 - February 7, 2014


Gretchen and James Taft

Betty J. Van Etten

V.F.W. Auxiliary #8734