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Honor Flight Buffalo

P. O. Box 338, Buffalo, NY 14223 (716)254-4376

a Federal 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Charity Organization

Our sincere thank you to the families of our Veterans for designating

Honor Flight Buffalo to receive memorial gifts in memory of their loved one.
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Donations in Memory of:


In memory of Herbert M. Caughel - September 25, 2010

WWII Veteran, US Army, Battle of the Buldge and one of our veterans on Honor Flight Buffalo's First Flight - June 5th, 2010



Brian escorted his Dad and videotaped his day; Mark compiled the video

in memory of their Dad



             Click below to watch this wonderful tribute

             Part 1 - Honor Flight Buffalo - June 5th, 2010

             Part 2 - Honor Flight Buffalo - June 5th, 2010



In memory of Albert S. Sniezak - September 26, 2010

WWII Veteran, US Army, Battle of Bulge and one of our

veterans on Honor Flight Buffalo's First Flight - June 5th, 2010



Click here for WIVB Channel 4 Video interviewing Mr. Sniezak



Tom and Diane Minorczyk                            Robert and Jean Lindenfeld

Joan A. Kezman                                         Vera E. Hughes

Joseph M. Ruff                                           Friends from Lackawanna Meals on Wheels

Joyce Lucckino                                          Henry Kasprzak

Harold Raab                                              Jean Richards

Marie Zoyofski                                           Dr. David and Pat Gurney

Christine Thomas                                       Ralph Miller

Father Ed Czarnecki, O.M.G.C.                      Dr. George Loefham

Joann Tomasic                                           Kathy Martin

Greg Schenck                                            Carole Lonergan 

Lynn and Martha Aubel                                Mark and Elizabeth Aubel

  Click here for Buffalo News Article - Interview with Mr. Sniezak and Mr. Antonio

                              In memory of Ben Antonio, Sr. - October 3, 2010

                  WWII Veteran, US Army, Battle of Bulge and one of our

                  veterans on Honor Flight Buffalo's First Flight

                  - June 5th, 2010


Bruce and Patricia King

                             In memory of Howard A. Aigner                 

                  WWII Veteran, US Navy





 Conestoga-Rovers and Associates              Art and Jane Aigner

 John Aigner                                            Marylou Friedman

 Kathie Lang                                            Ethel Gregoire



In memory of George MesserWWII Veteran, US Army 12th Armored Hellcats and one of our veterans on Honor Flight Buffalo's Second Flight - September 11th, 2010


Linda Davies

                   In memory of Stewart Watson                 

WWII Veteran, US Army and one of our veterans on

Honor Flight Buffalo's Second Flight - September 11th, 2010


Open Door Nursery School - Williamsville United Methodist Church

Ian and Elizabeth Redpath and Family

In memory of WWII Veteran, Lt. Colonel Dante R. Maggiotto

US Navy

Michelle Probst

Henry A. Kaczmarek, WWII Veteran

Cynthia Marshall                          Skidmore College
Julie Lewis                                     Steven and Kearen Moldveen

                         In memory of Robert F. Frame,  March 2, 2011

                         WWII Veteran, US Army and one of our veterans on

                   Honor Flight Buffalo's First Flight - June 5th, 2010



      Niagara University                        Carol A. Leone

      BJ and David Williams                  Aspen Sports Medicine

                          Lorraine B. Winnerman                 Martin and Sarah Flug

         John P. Hutten, WWII Veteran

         United States Navy Medic


         Michelle Probst

             Westley G. Olmsted, Korean War Veteran

             United States Army - March 12, 2011

 Gloria Olmsted                        Heath J. Mathewson

 Donna M. Flood                     Heidi and Joseph Rozbicki




                        In memory of Lloyd J. Reeves, World War II Veteran - May 19, 2011

                        US Army Air Corps and one of our veterans on

 Honor Flight Buffalo's Second Flight - September 11th, 2010





              Frank and Kathleen Della Posta        Herbert and Nancy Archer

              Larry and Sharon Perdue                 Ivan and Janet Pecnik

              Donald and Edna Campbell              James and Patricia Rebmann

              Robert and Sharon Peglowski           Robert and Carol Hiller

              The Lockwood Family                      Joan Elsholz

              David and Susan Chan                    Jane M. Minekime

              Joyce Stitzel                                   Nancy Stitzel

              Robert and Joyce Wood                    Esther Kuhs

              Adrian and Mary Williams                 The Milks Family

              Susan and John Torrance                 Beatrice J. Peters and Family

              Jane and James Gominiak                Kiwanis Club of Gowanda

              Gernatt Asphalt Products, Inc.          American Legion Auxiliary #409

              Brian and Judy Bohne                      Dr. Michael and Patsy Nelson


In memory of Margaret F. Reeves - August 5, 2013
Jane M. Minekime                     Andrea and Mary Williams
Michael and Patrica Nelson         The Milks Family
American Legion Auxiliary of Gowanda
                               In memory of Anne P. Cochrane, June 4, 2011

      WWII Veteran, US Navy WAVES and one of our veterans on

      Honor Flight Buffalo's First Flight - June 5th, 2010




                  Joan Baker                                            Robert Regar, Jr.

                  Edward and Marjorie McMahon                  Carl and Molly Cloutier

                  The Sunshine Club - Bennett High School    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Flynn

                  Edwin A. Munschauer, Jr.                         Olive Horn

                                       Richard W. Munschauer                            Ray W. Danforth

                                       Ann Kirwan                                            Paul and Bette Boeckel

                                       Frances W. Auffinger                               Ron Reger 

                                       Mrs. Robert J. Reger                                Susan L. Levy

                                       Mary C. Kloepfer and James E. Hayes          Joseph M. Reger

                                       John J. Deverna, Jr. and Kay M. Cochrane    Carol S. Brigham

         Ellery J. Niederpruem, WWII Veteran

         United States Army 


Michelle Probst


Mrs. Aszkler and Lynette

Viola V. Aszkler (December 9, 1920 - September 10, 2011) - Member of the American Legion Matthew Glab Post #1477 Ladies Auxiliary

Mrs. Aszler's daughter, Barbara Schenck and granddaughter, Lynette Meyers are Guardians on Honor Flight Buffalo's September 17th Flight escorting two World War II Veterans.  Roger Meyers will be at the airport to welcome them all home.

                            Lynette Meyers and Family            Armed Forces Marketing Council

                            Jo-Anne Wylie                                  Lisa A. Wylie

                                                                               Slyvia Donofrio                                 David and Michele Johnson

                                                                               Jepson Family Trust - FE Jepson, Jr and  Suzanne Jepson

                                                                               Richard T. Ray                                   Richard A. Steinberg

                                                                               Staff of S & K Sales Company

                                In memory of David V. Gurney September 22, 2011

                       WWII Veteran, US Army one of our veterans on

                       Honor Flight Buffalo's Flight - May 21st, 2011


Tom and Mary Ann Kreuder              Jane Mimekime

Richard and Kathleen Nocera            Michelle Probst

Madeline Miller                               Nancy and Erin Murphy

Gerald and Eileen Ciepiela                Judy and Harley Virkus

              Audrey and Charles Taft                 Rachel Everitt

              David and Diane Sortisio                 Brett and Deborah Gurney

              Ralph and Bonnie Chaney               Mark and Christine Drews

              Sharon Mead                               Carol and Jessica Gaven

              Robert and Dorothy Sandy             Martin and Miriam Link

              Celia Gurney

In memory of Arnold Pietrzak October 10, 2011 ~ WWII Veteran, US Navy one of our veterans on Honor Flight Buffalo's Flight 

May 21st, 2011




Michelle Probst