Let's Keep Our Veterans Flying!

Honor Flight Buffalo

P. O. Box 338, Buffalo, NY 14223 (716)254-4376

a Federal 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Charity Organization


Our sincere thank you to the families of our Veterans for designating

Honor Flight Buffalo to receive memorial gifts in memory of their loved one.

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Donations in Memory of:




Honor Flight Buffalo dedicated in the memory of 

SSgt. Robert P. Wylie

WWII Veteran - September 15, 2006

Jo-Anne Wylie ~ Lisa A. Wylie ~ Charles D. Dunkle

                  Founders of Honor Flight Buffalo

In memory of Donald James Kuss
WWII Veteran
Honor Flight Buffalo's First Flight Dedicated in his memory  
June 5, 2010  ~ Anonymous ~  
North Buffalo Fire Company, Inc.                          Anonymous


In memory of Edward P. Termer - July 28, 2010
WWII Veteran, Served in Combat, Pacific Theatre


Mrs. Edward (Terry) Termer sponosoring a veteran on the June 4th, 2011 Flight in honor of Edward's Birthday on May 7th, 2011 and their wedding anniversary on May 17th, 2011

Mrs. Edward P. Termer                                     

Dr. Anthony & Elizabeth (Termer) Gugino and Family

Bob and Eileen (Termer) Oberg                        

Mrs. Mary Gugino

Teresa Rupp                                                    

Lynn and Gail Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rusnak

Donna M. Daniels Miller 

Anne H. Trzecki                                            

Barry D'Andrea

Mr. and Mrs. James Fulmer                               

Elfriede M. Schmitt

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lyon                                  

Barbara and Gerald Ayers

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cartwright

Larry E. Master

Florian and Suzanne Sendlak                            

William and Susan Oberg Stenson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brotherton                        

Margaret M. Daniels

Rita P. Daniels                                                  

J. Pitiss

Mr. and Mrs. Barton Dambra                             

Mr. John Rizzo

Mr. and Mrs. Charles O'Geen                            

Miss Marilyn Camp

Capt. (Ret.) and Mrs. James Ellison                   

Maureen T. Schmitt

Jim and Dawn Coe                                           

Mark E. Schmitt   

Timothy D. Hardy                                            

Daniel P. Schmitt

Richard and Lisa Fahs                                      

David J. Daniels

Diane and Edward Mills

  In memory of  Sgt. James Murdoch - August 24, 2010

 WWII Veteran who served in the Pacific and one of our

 veterans on Honor Flight Buffalo's First Flight - June 5th, 2010


                 Honor Flight Buffalo Meet and Greet for June 5th 2010 (WIVB)


                 Honor Flight Buffalo returns from flight June 5th 2010 (WIVB)



                     David and Andre College                                Mary E. Villella

                     Joyce B. McCrea                                          Louise A. Klier

                     Angus Macleod                                            Roger and Cassandra Schultz

                     Richard Stebbins                                          Sara F. Murdoch

                     Beatrice and James D. Harper

 In memory of  GM2C Harry W. Coyle August 26, 2010

 WWII Veteran, selected Veteran - Honored to have been selected, but unable to make the trip



              Jane Coyle-Munn                                 Joseph and Donna (Coyle) Gartler

  In memory of Corporal Richard A. Barone                 

  WWII Veteran, US Air Corps



               Michelle Probst


 In memory of Raymond Ball                 

 WWII Veteran, Army Medical Corps




              Michelle Probst



In memory of Arvella G. Schrameck - September 16, 2010

Wife of WWII Veteran Eugene C. Schrameck



Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Black                             Jo-Anne Wylie

Rose F. Poe                                                Avon Middle School Sunshine Fund

Avon High School Sunshine Fund                    Avon High School Students

Beth L. Golding                                            Rita Wahl

ICCU Staff - St. Anthony's Medical Center        Patricia M. Rund

St. Louis, MO