Let's Keep Our Veterans Flying!

Honor Flight Buffalo

P. O. Box 338, Buffalo, NY 14223 (716)254-4376

a Federal 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Charity Organization

We would like to thank the following for their generous support and honoring our Veterans and because of you we will "Keep Our Veterans Flying"!

Honoring those who have served and those who continue to serve our country, we thank you for our freedom we all have today.


Specific Donations are listed on sub-pages by year

In memory of Mildred Marciano, her husband, Mr. Santo Marciano was a participant on

Honor Flight Buffalo's May 5, 2012 Flight

By:  Joanne and Dave Fleischman

Mary Ann Izzo
The Stabel Family
Marlene and Lorraine Mical
Dorothy Sowers
The Marciano Girls:  Marilyn Fleischman, Cheryll Spring and Sandra Keeney
Sue Keleher
Pat Rankin
Rita Earsing
Peg O'Shaughnessy
Vivian O'Brien

 In memory of Patsy Passero

By:  John and Antoinette DeSantis
In memory of Raymond Castanik, World War II Veteran, U.S. Army and a
participation on our June 4th, 2011 flight
By:  West Seneca Civic and Patriotic Commission
Gold Shield Association
In memory of Alfred Sedita Sr. and Jr.
By:  Allison L. Gilday
Denise J. Daniels
David A. Ekberg
James L. Hallmark, JR.
Michael J. Hammann
Keith R. Krempa
Judith M. Levan
Kelly J. Meister
David B. Mueller
Jack M. Phetteplace
Pauline W. Rohs
Patricia A. Shevlin
Doborah J. Smith
Marcia S. Sonon
Rosemary Voltmann
Kurt A. Whitecomb
Mary Louise Zerby
Katharine Pratt Horton
Daughters of he American Revolution